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A look inside HiPiHi

This is the earliest video that I saw showing the new world called HiPiHi, now in beta. This video is in Chinese. There is an English language version of the browser that is apparently available. Second Life’s Suzanne Baskerville is … Continue reading

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A look inside Kaneva

3D and 2D social networking, at the same time. Here’s a look at how Kaneva is setting up their new world.

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A look inside Multiverse: Mars Colonization Authority

YouTube has several demo reels of projects going on inside the Multiverse platform. This one is from in which the game will be to develop a colony on Mars. It sounds like a great premise for a virtual world … Continue reading

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FYI: “Avatar Space to Outer Space” Bruce Damer lecture July 30, 2007

Not a SIG meeting but Bay Area folks may be able to check it out. Previous SIG presenter Bruce Damer will be lecturing on July 30, 2007 with the topic: “Avatar Space to Outer Space” in San Francisco. Details here: … Continue reading

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Aug. 27 SIG to feature Seriosity

 Hello Virtual Worlders and welcome to the newly upgraded Virtual World SIG website. Just announced – the presenter for the Aug. 27 SIG!  Title: Synthetic Currency – Real Work:  Using a Virtual Economy to Solve the Problem of Information Overload … Continue reading

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