Adding Digital Content to the Physical World Oct. 24, 2011

Adding Digital Content to the Physical World with Daqri October 24, 2011

Mobile augmented reality (AR) promises to bring a wealth of digital content to one’s fingertips via smartphones and tablets. Generally displayed with the device’s current camera view, this information is overlayed onto a view of the surrounding space, augmenting the reality you see.

The approach of several new mobile AR firms is to provide platforms on which businesses and individuals can add their own animations or location-specific content which is then located and viewed in a browser-like display.

Daqri ( is composed of a group of vision scientists, engineers, 3D artists and designers who are changing the world through these advanced visual interfaces. The platform is composed of a drag-and-drop interface used to develop custom AR content, as well as accompanying quick response (QR) codes, games, contests, and tracking tools.

Learn about the potential uses of augmented reality for games, campaigns, coupons, prizes, contests, and social networking connections that are headed our way in the coming years.

Brian Mullins, CEO, Daqri
Brian Mullins is not a man who dreams small. On his to-do list? Launching a publishing platform on the order of YouTube and WordPress, creating a new mass market for 3D digital models, and democratizing the nascent augmented reality industry so that anyone and everyone can start adding digital content to their physical world.

And that’s just over the next year or two.  After that, he has in mind changing how the entire manufacturing industry operates, and reinventing the educational system by “presenting the sum total of human knowledge in the most effective way possible.” Brian’s vehicle for achieving these goals is Daqri, the Orange County-based AR startup where he is co-founder and CEO.

Brian believes that technology is so important to our ability to function in business and life that it is becoming a liberty all should have access to.

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