4G as a Platform – March 12, 2014

Join us on Wednesday March 12 for an exciting
SVForum > Mobile Group event:

Three to four speakers on – “4G as a Platform”.

The SVForum Mobile and Digital Media special interest groups have now joined forces to form one coordinated group which will be referred to as SVForum > Mobile Group.

In 2014 we have a new strategy and approach to these events. At a macro-level, a strategic point is now to be differentiated from all other community meetings in Silicon Valley. ON a micro-level, it is to have take-away documentation of each actual meeting, distributed to everyone in the group. Are you ready?

We will have new announcements over the next several meetings, so please monitor and join us in person as we refine this new “360 approach” and tune the group outputs to be uniquely relevant to the mobile/wireless/interactive industries.

Paradigm: 4G as a Platform

An introduction to the value-chain of technologies and service sector companies that enable the new 4G (fourth generation) all internet protocol (IP) broadband wireless networks.

We’ve entered the new era of wired and wireless communications and it’s time to psychologically, and technologically, develop for this era. Hence the title “4G as a Platform.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 2014 Mobile World Conference chat stated that Facebook and Internet.org will be formally partnering with mobile network operators (MNOs). Next, the WhatsApp app will be displacing short message service (SMS) text messaging on a mass scale, while also offering voice communications. In short, it’s a new world, based on IP, not circuit-switched phone networks.

The FCC weighing in as well, on net neutrality and 4G. In January 2014, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, “Our communications networks are transitioning to IP-networks. The move from the circuit-switched networks of Alexander Graham Bell to the new networks of the Internet Revolution is all around us — with expanded deployment of fiber, with new forms of wireless, with bonded copper and coaxial cable. These transitions – plural – are a solid attributes because IP networks are more efficient, which can enable better products, lower prices, less tariffs and massive benefits for consumers.”


AT&T Foundry (confirmed)
Learn about AT&Ts 4G all IP voice & data centric initiatives.

Qualcomm, Inc.
Rasmus Hellberg, Senior Director Technical Marketing, Qualcomm
Rasmus Hellberg is a senior director of Qualcomm’s technical marketing team, where he focuses on the wireless evolution and related technologies. Rasmus has spent more than 15 years in the wireless industry and started his wireless career in product management, working on the Japanese PDC system and the first commercial WCDMA products. He previously held various product management positions in Stockholm, Sweden and San Diego, California covering PDC, WCDMA, CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO, focusing on radio access network products.

Rasmus holds a doctorate in electromagnetic wave propagation and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He also received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

Research presenter (invited)

* New Location* (click here for map)
AT&T Foundry
260 Homer Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301 USA

$20 at the door for non-SVForum members
No charge for SVForum members
Pre-register here:

Agenda: (approx. 3 to 4 speakers)
6:30pm Arrival and network
7:00pm Announcements
7:10pm Speaker I: Research
7:30pm Speaker II: AT&T
7:50pm Speaker III: Qualcomm
8:10pm Speaker IV: Company #3
8:10pm QA and whiteboard session
9:00pm Adjourn

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2014: The Breakout Year for Wearable Tech? – Jan. 8, 2014


2014: The Breakout Year for Wearable Tech?

Save time by preregistering at:

We have an unprecedented FOUR speakers on Wednesday, January 8 – don’t miss this one!

* Kevin Lloyd, Co-Founder, Whistle (http://www.whistle.com)
* Greg McNeil, VP Global Technology and Platforms, Flextronics
* Takahito Iguchi, CEO, Telepathy Inc. (http://tele-pathy.us)
* Matthew Diamond MD PhD, Medical Lead, Misfit Wearables (http://www.misfitwearables.com)

Will 2014 finally see mass adoption of wearable devices? Could this be the year that wearables take some huge leaps and go beyond just being a sideshow to smartphones and tablets?

Broadcom projects that the market for wearables will see a 10x increase by 2018. Given the success of wearables on micro-funding platforms like Kickstarter.com, where small, talented teams can get to market in a matter of months, this growth will likely be even more explosive.

Yet mass market devices like Samsung and Sony’s smartwatches have seemed to launch with just a whimper. Google Glass is still in an exclusive beta release. Meanwhile there’s a growing army of fitness bracelets, dedicated collars for your pets, rings that pay your transit fare, and organic cotton connected jumpers for baby.

Dive into this exploding market by joining our panel of experts in the field on January 8, 2014 for a co-meeting of the SVForum Digital Media and Mobile Internet special interest groups.

Explore new ideas, hear their thoughts, share your own, and look forward to the evolving roles of mobile devices that are, increasingly around us, with us, and on us at every moment.

Takahito Iguchi, CEO, Telepathy (http://tele-pathy.us)

Kevin Lloyd, Co-Founder, Whistle (http://www.whistle.com)
Kevin Lloyd co-founded Whistle with Ben Jacobs and Steve Eidelman in
2012. He is responsible for the buildout of the engineering team and
architecture of the company’s first product, the Whistle Activity
Monitor. Prior to Whistle Kevin spent seven years working in different
roles and groups of Sierra Wireless. He started at Sierra Wireless as
a systems engineer where he primarily focused on leading technology
due diligence and integration for their consumer products. In the last
two years at Sierra Kevin joined the Maching2Machine (M2M) /Internet
of Things (IoT) platform AirVantage team as a product manager
responsible for their application framework and developer tools.

Greg McNeil,  VP Global Technology and Platforms, Flextronics
Greg McNeil is vice president of Global Technology and Platforms for
Flextronics (NASDAQ: FLEX), which is a $24B, industry-leading, Fortune
Global 500 end-to-end supply chain solutions company with a global
workforce of 200,000 and operations in over 30 countries.  Mr. McNeil
is responsible for our Silicon Valley product engineering and global

Prior to his current role, Mr. McNeil held vice president level
product development and product management positions within large
corporations. At Apple, Microsoft, Cadence Design Systems, Sun
Microsystems and Palm, he designed world class products and lead teams
responsible for product development and product management.

In addition to his corporate experience, Mr. McNeil has also held
numerous positions at start-up companies. He helped to change the
landscape of the living room at WebTV Networks; created a new class of
servers at Cobalt Networks; developed RFID based credit card payment
solutions at ViVOtech; and founded the media player company, VVM

Mr. McNeil holds graduate degrees in Engineering and Business from
Stanford University and Santa Clara University, respectively. Prior to
his technology career, he spent nearly a decade as a professional
cyclist, competing worldwide with the U.S. National Cycling Team,
representing the United States in two Cycling World Championships, and
one world record.

Takahito Iguchi, CEO, Telepathy Inc. (http://tele-pathy.us)
Takahito Iguchi is CEO of Telepathy Inc., which launched its first product prototype –  the Telepathy One – at the 2013 SXSW conference in Austin, TX. Telepathy One is a new wearable social communication device which aims to visually connect people in real-time by encouraging hands-free, interactive communication.

Takahito (aka. “Taka”) has been the creator and evangelist of several innovative multimedia platforms and web services companies including JUST Systems, and Digitao Limited, a blog publishing service, for which he was founder and CEO.

Taka has over 20 years experience in providing consumer oriented services using cutting-edge technology. In 2008 he founded Tonchidot Corporation which developed the Sekai Camera service, a popular augmented reality application which has garnered over three million downloads in 88 countries. Mr. Iguchi holds a BA in Philosophy from Ritsumeikan University Kyoto.

Matthew Diamond MD PhD, Medical Lead, Misfit Wearables (http://www.misfitwearables.com)
Matthew Diamond MD PhD is a sports medicine physician and the medical lead at Misfit Wearables, makers of highly wearable computing products, including the award-winning Shine, an elegant activity monitor. Matthew serves in national leadership roles in sports medicine and is on the faculty of New York University’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. An award-winning teacher and researcher of integrative medicine and mobile health, Matthew is passionate about helping people improve their mobility and performance through innovative, integrative medical treatments and the development of wearable devices that promote wellness.

Qualcomm Inc. Building B
3165 Kifer Road Santa Clara, CA 95051-0804

6:30 PM Registration and Networking

7:00 PM Start

Speaker I
Greg McNeil, VP Global Technology and Platforms, Flextronics

Speaker II
Kevin Lloyd, Co-founder & Head of Technology, Whistle

Speaker III

9:00pm Adjourn

No charge for SVForum members
$20 at the door for non-SVForum members

Save time by preregistering at:

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How to Build Wireless Web-enabled Projects in Minutes with Pinocc.io – Nov. 13, 2013


How to Build Wireless Web-enabled Projects in Minutes with Pinocc.io
November 13, 2013 6:30 p.m. (Register)

How to Build Wireless Web-enabled Projects in Minutes with Pinocc.io – a  complete ecosystem for building the Internet of things.

Connecting things in the physical world to the web used to be a difficult task, requiring knowledge of RF, low-power systems, embedded firmware, network stacks, and web and mobile development.  Pinoccio (http://pinocc.io/) is working to make this as easy as possible, essentially giving you an API for your hardware.  In addition, Pinoccio uses mesh networking, so setting up transparent, self-healing networks is easy to do, whether you’re in an urban area, or the middle of the desert.

Eric Jennings, CTO, Pinoccio Inc.
Eric’s background is in software, but he has a soft spot for open hardware. He is a TechStars NYC Winter 2011 alum, has worked for tech startups in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from UNR. He’s In love with the connection between software, hardware, people, and the environment in which they live, but has a crush on Erlang, analog synthesizers, and permaculture.

Qualcomm Inc. Building B
3165 Kifer Road Santa Clara, CA 95051-0804

6:30 PM Registration and Networking
7:00 PM -8:30 PM Presentations

No charge for SVForum members
$20 at the door for non-SVForum members

Register for this event:

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