Rapid Iteration for an Internet of Things – Tempo Automation – July 10, 2013

“Rapid Iteration for an Internet of Things – Tempo Automation”
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As rapidly as the fastest growing platform shifted from desktop to mobile, mobile itself now finds the attention shifting to a highly-diverse plethora of devices that are carried, worn, and used in brand new ways. New devices and ecosystems are emerging in entirely new form factors. Because their impact is often based on scale of use, device prototypers are now in need of ways to rapidly produce prototypes at scale. In short, this means rapidly iterating the Internet of Things.

Many fields already benefit from high speed iteration that scales – Lean Startup for business, Agile for software, and 3D printing for mechanical design. Tempo Automation has now developed a robot that brings this capability to electronics.

The current options for making low volumes of circuit boards are unattractive, to put it mildly. Either wait weeks to get a board back from a board house, or strain your fine motor skills trying to build multiple boards yourself. Tempo Automation aims to fix this problem with “Electronics Factory”, a reliable, easy to use, desktop robot. Think “MakerBot”, but optimized for electronics. The objective is to provide a robot that etch traces, applies solder paste, places components, reflows, and even tests. Tempo Automation releases each of these capabilities as they become available.

Our presenters, Co-founder and CEO Jeff McAlvay and Co-founder and CTO Markus Rokitta, will demo the latest production unit, and describe how rapid iteration will transform not only the startup landscape, but advance the impact of the emerging realm of things that generate and report connected data.

Jeff McAlvay, Co-founder and CEO, Tempo Automation (http://tempoautomation.com/). Previously, Jeff worked in industrial supply company McMaster-Carr’s leadership development program.  There, his roles included warehouse operations design, sales, and product management.  He currently runs the Bay Area Factory Tours Meetup group, and coordinates office hours that connect hardware startups with industry experts.

Markus Rokitta, PhD; Co-founder and CTO, Tempo Automation.
Markus received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Queensland in Australia.  Since then, he has designed and manufactured a small form-factor MRI machine and has managed medical device programs at companies including Carl Zeiss and BIT Analytic Instruments, in countries including the US, Germany, and China.

Qualcomm Inc. Building B
3165 Kifer Road Santa Clara, CA 95051-0804

6:30 PM Registration and Networking
7:00 PM -8:30 PM Presentations

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