Sifteo Cubes and their SDK: Enchanting Everyday Objects with the Magic of Interactivity November 14, 2012

“Sifteo Cubes and their SDK: Enchanting Everyday Objects with the Magic of Interactivity.”

Wednesday, November 14 (6:30 – 9PM)

The Digital Media SIG resumes Wednesday, November 14, 2012 with a very special and hands-on introduction to Sifteo Cubes and their new SDK by Sifteo’s President and Co-Founder David Merrill.

Sifteo Cubes are a tactile interactive game system inspired by the timeless play patterns of building blocks and domino tiles. Emerging from David’s work at the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab, Sifteo Cubes have been recognized by TED, Fast Company, Popular Science, Wired, and others with awards for their innovative design and the interactive applications they enable.

The playful cubes’ tangible, interactive awesomeness just got a lot more interesting with a second generation of the platform, an updated suite of game titles designed by the company’s in-house game studio, and the introduction of the new Sifteo SDK. Now, developers can work with the same tools used by Sifteo’s studio to make unique games and applications for Sifteo Cubes.

Experience how new models of interaction and play are being made possible by smart objects like Sifteo Cubes — and implications for humanity. Hands-on demonstrations during and after the talk.

David’s talk is for all levels and areas of expertise, whether you are a game designer, software developer, hardware enthusiast, or just interested to learn about the new generation of connected-hardware startups and the ambitious products they are bringing to market.

About Sifteo (
Sifteo enchants every day objects with a little bit of magic. And that magic is the magic of interactivity.

There is a sea of change happening in the computer interface — the book that can be any book, the pen that remembers what you wrote, the wall that displays anything you want. In Sifteo’s case, we care about the block, lego, domino tile — collections of inch-scale objects that, if enchanted, will sense each other and react to your moves.

And in Sifteo’s case, we care about play. It’s no accident that the objects we choose to animate are playthings.

We believe there is a huge opportunity for video games to take the form of classic, tactile play objects. We grew up with video games, building blocks, puzzles, and board games, and we love them all.

David Merrill, President and Co-Founder, Sifteo

Dave is an expert in cutting-edge human-computer interaction and has developed multiple award-winning interfaces and technologies. A frequent speaker in the domains of user interface innovation, the future of play, and entrepreneurship, Dave and his work have been featured by TED, MoMA, the Discovery Channel, and Wired.

Dave holds a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MS and PhD from the MIT Media Lab.

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